Flower Update!




Flower Update!

Flower met with a specialist last week and we were given two possible options to help correct her ectopic ureter. The first option is traditional surgery which is more invasive and could result in more scar tissue. The doctor recommended a second option which is to go to OSU for a consult to have Minimally Invasive Laser Surgery, which would result in less scar tissue and a much better recovery. Both options have the same estimated cost, which is between $4000-$5000! However, with this procedure Flower has a good chance at a very long and healthy life! She is only 10 months old and is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet! When we initially rescued her, we had no idea that she had this issue, and only found out days later when we could not understand how this amazing dog was house-broken but leaks urine constantly. She must have been abandoned for this issue, but we know we can help her and with everyone’s help she can lead a normal and healthy life for years to come!

Although this is a very large and unexpected cost for OHA, we always do whatever we can to help our animals live the lives they deserve. Her appointment is July 12th to go to OSU and we are working hard to come up with the funds to give her the best chance we can! Thank you to those who have already donated, we could not help so many special cases without our donors!
We are currently working on an August 11-13th fundraiser with PetPeople in Hudson, OH and will have more details shortly.

Thank you everyone for you support!

Ohio Humane Association (and Flower!)

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