Josh Adopted and Update on Taylor!

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Adoption Update and Taylor!
Josh and Taylor, our two newest dogs came to us very sick! Josh had kennel cough and has since overcome it. He was adopted very recently and is doing really well in his new home!
Taylor appeared to have a much worse case of kennel cough; it turns out she developed pneumonia but we caught it just in time. Thankfully, this little girl is finally feeling better and has really started to come out of her shell. She was very scared in the pound but you would never know this now! This little girl has a complete love for life and enjoys all the attention she can get! At the same time we found out that she had pneumonia it was also discovered that she has severe luxating patellas. She is on pain meds and supplements. It was recommended to have surgery done on one if not both of the knees but we would like to consult with a couple more vets before making that decision.
The vet bills for Josh and Taylor have already been very expensive and with Taylor’s knees they will only continue to grow. Please consider donating to help us cover the bills and come out to the Hudson Pet People store on July 11th from 1-4 for a fundraiser to help alleviate some of these expenses! Thank you!

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